New Bracelet! Also…..guess what I’ve got?

10 Apr

A couple of years ago I found out that I have a swell little blood disorder called Factor Five Leiden. All it really means is that my superpower is blood clotting (and here I just wanted to see through clothes or leap tall buildings or something!), but now that I know I have it, it warrants special attention be paid in certain situations. Namely long flights on airplanes, long periods of bedrest – sedentary excess. 

I’d figured that at some point I’d need to wear an emergency bracelet to advise medical personnel of my condition in the event of some horrendous awfulness, and when I checked out my options online, it was clear that something better had to be made.

So here it is!


A lightweight, snazzy and stylish medical emergency bracelet! 

My good friends at QBE Engraving ( provide the custom-engraved medical alert tag, and I fashion some crazy shiny chainmaille to turn it into a bracelet!

Check it out in my Etsy shop here:


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