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Steampunky Goodness!

30 Jul

Substantial chain necklace (approx 18″) leads to a unique steampunk-esque style pendant from which drape more chains leading to non-piercing nipple nooses. This piece is the very first steampunk-themed item in my shop!

Express your style with this bit of funky sexiness!


1/16″ titanium

29 Jul


Such immense satisfaction from such teeny tiny little rings….

Right-brain overload

27 Jul

So, I’m toying with trying to make some ATC’s. Or some Zentangles.

Or maybe some ATC’s with Zentangles on them.

Drawing isn’t really my forte, but I wonder if that’s because I’m just not that good at it, or because I’ve never really practiced and tried very hard because I think I’m not that good at it.


Over the rainbow…

26 Jul


I’ve got big plans for this chain…should have it finished soon!

Daisy delight!

26 Jul


Now available!


25 Jul


My little helper. 🙂

Studio….or something like it

24 Jul


A lot of people ask me what my “studio” is like, and as much as I wish it was some lovely space, dripping with beads and chains and baubles, that just isn’t the case. This is my studio. Which is also my coffeetable. In my livingroom. Try to withhold your collective ooooohs and aaahhhhs. 🙂